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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cramer's MAD MONEY (7/25/06) Buy CSX, Sell WWY

Cramer started MAD MONEY saying sometimes cyclical stocks look secular and sometimes seculars look cyclical. He was discussing consistent growth as whatthe street wants, but avoid big growth when it has big shortfalls. Secular are the goods always are in demand such as Food, Power, Water, and Gas.

Cramer said he thinks the street has mispriced stocks in this are:

He said CSX (CSX) is now a secular growth story rather than a cyclical. He thinks you should buy CSX on today's weakness after it fell more than 1%.

He also said Wrigley (WWY) is being viewed as a secular stock but it is really a cyclical name now with it at a 22 P/E. He thinks you should Sell WWY after today's 5+% gain.

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