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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Media Digest 7/13/2006


According to the Associated Press, crude oil prices it an all-time high at $75.88 per barrel.

According to Reuters, Britain's largest insurer, Aviva, was buy US insurance company AmerUS for $2.9 billion.

Reuters also reports that Honda's sales in the US were better than expected due in part to sales of fuel-efficient cars. The demand is so great that Honda has a supply shortage in the United States, its largest market.

Reuters also writes that Microsoft claims to be close to resolving its differences with the European Union over antitrust matters. Microsoft has already been fined for its actions.

Reuters reports that the head of BMW says that the company's independence is the key to its success. The car CEO said that mergers like the one GM is contemplating with Nissan and Renault only lead to short term benefits and that "brand profiles" are lost in the process.

Reuters also writes that Yahoo!'s instant messaging program will now interoperate with the Microsoft messaging program creating an pool of users that is more than 350 million accounts.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Barnes & Noble will review its stock option grant history after a shareholder sued the company over the matter.

The WSJ also reports that a federal judge will review antitrust provision in two large phone company mergers which may affect the deal for AT&T to acquire BellSouth.

WSJ also writes that the Comcast and TimeWarner Cable acquisition will substantially strenthen the foot prints of the companies in a number of key markets as they add the Adelphia subscribers to their own. The move may give the cable systems a competitive advantage over phone companies that want to introduce more high-speed access and products in these markets.

The WSJ also reports that Disney is considering cutting the number of movies it makes each year from 18 to 8 to make its market budget more effective and to cut jobs and other expenses at its studios.

The New York Times writes that two drug companies have created a once-a-day AIDS pill. The product is a joint venture between Bristol-Myers Squibb and Gilead Sciences.

The NYT also reports that Televisa has approach the group buying rival Univision about possibly continuing its investment in Univision.

The NYT also reports that Boeing has raised its 20 year forecast for plane sales by nearly 6% to 27,200 aircraft.

Douglas A. McIntyre

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