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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pre-Market Stock Notes (July 25, 2006)

Pr(AGR) Agere $0.22 EPS vs $0.17e; authorized share buyback as well.
(AL) Alcon $1.18 EPS vs $1.15e.
(ALB) Albermarle $0.89 EPS vs $0.71e; unsure if comparable.
(ALK) Alaska Air $1.50 EPS vs $1.28e.
(AMLN) Amylin -$0.38 EPS vs -$0.45e; stock up 1% pre-market.
(ANIK) Anika $0.12 EPS vs $0.10e.
(ASN) Archstone Smith $0.59 EPS vs $0.51e.
(AUO) AU Optronics reported lower than expected earnings after warning earlier (overseas).
(AV) Avaya $0.10 EPS vs $0.12e; unsure if items in report.
(AXE) Anixter $1.15 EPS vs $0.81e.
(BJS) BJ Services $0.67 EPS vs $0.58e.
(BNI) Burlington Northern $1.23 EPS vs $1.22e.
(BP) BP reported higher than expected earnings overseas.
(CD) Cendant (newco Cendant) will be part of S&P Mid Cap 400 index.
(CL) Colgate $0.72 EPS vs $0.72e.
(CME) Chicago Mercantile Exchange $3.12 EPS vs $3.09e.
(CNET) CNET said it wil have restate earnings for prior periods after concluding its option review period.
(CNMD) Conmed $0.23 EPS vs $0.21e.
(CPO) Corn Products $0.40 EPS vs $0.36e.
(CPST) Capstone Turbine announced resignation of CEO effective July 31.
(CR) Crane $0.71 EPS vs $0.67e.
(CTX) Centex $1.39 EPS vs $1.37e.
(CVTI) Covenant transportation $0.02 EPS vs $0.07e; unsure if comparable.
(CYMI) Cymer entered development pact with Intel.
(DD) Dupont $1.01 EPS vs $0.95e.
(ENCY) Encysive Pharm received an FDA approvable letter for Thelin for PAH; stock down 49% on not being approved.
(ENZN) Enzon recieved FDA approval for expanded use of Oncaspar.
(EPD) Enterprise Pdts $0.26 EPS vs $0.23e.
(EXP) Eagle Materials $1.16 EPS vs $1.18e.
(FSH) Fisher Scientific $0.92 EPS vs $0.96e.
(FWRD) Forward Air $0.41 EDPS vs $0.41e.
(GOOG) Google has another click-fraud article in NYPost saying it is still an issue.
(HMA) Health Management $0.32 eps vs $0.32e.
(JDAS) JDA Software $0.09 EPS vs $0.08e.
(JEC) Jacobs Engineering $0.88 EPS vs $0.75e.
(KIM) KIMCO Realty $0.54 FFO vs $0.53e.
(KFT) Kraft Foods $0.51 EPS vs $0.48e.
(LCAV) LCA Vision $0.51 EPS vs $0.47e.
(LM) Legg Mason $1.08 EPS vs $1.13e.
(LVLT) Level 3 -$0.23/R$1.53B vs -$0.22/$1.37B(e).
(LXK) $1.07 EPS vs $0.87e; lowered guidance.
(MHP) McGraw Hill $0.60 EPS vs $0.53e.
(MO) Altria $1.41 EPS vs $1.37e.
(NASI) North American Scientific gets FDA marketing approval for its nomosSTAT.
(NBR) Nabors $0.77 EPS vs $0.72e.
(NFLX) Netflix $0.24 EPS vs $0.21e; lowered revenue guidance; stock DOWN 19%.
(NTRI) Nutri-Systems down 12% after earnings; COO leaving for family reasons.
(NWRE) Neoware extended its relationship with IBM.
(OMC) Omnicom $1.42 EPS vs $1.38e.
(ONXS) Onyx Software's $5.00 buyout offer from CHINA was withdrawn.
(PNR) Pentair $0.67 EPS vs $0.63e.
(PNSN) Penson $0.25 EPS vs $0.24e.
(PRE) Partner Re $2.01 EPS vs $2.01e.
(PRX) Par Pharma said the SEC is investigating their restatement.
(PSB) PS Business Parks added to S&P Small Cap 600 Index.
(RCII) Rent-a-Center $0.56 EPS vs $0.53e.
(RGA) Reinsurance Group $1.10 EPS vs $1.08e.
(RE) Everest Re $3.38 EPS vs $3.07e.
(SNDK) SanDisk trading up $7 from yesterday's close after beating earnings expectations.
(STAR) Lone Star Steakhouse $0.18 EPS vs $0.21e.
(STN) Station Casinos $0.61 EPS vs $0.64e; lowered next quarter guidance slightly.
(TUES) Tuesday Morning $0.08 EPS sv $0.07e; had already lowered guidance though
(TUP) Tupperware $0.49 EPS vs $0.51e.
(TXN) Texas Instruments $0.47 EPS vs $0.47e.
(UAG) United Auto $0.39 EPS vs $0.38e.
(UPS) UPS trading down almost 10% after missing numbers.
(UCTT) Ultra Clean $0.21 EPS vs $0.16e.
(WAT) Waters $0.53 EPS vs $0.48e.
(WDR) Waddell & Reed $0.32 EPS vs $0.32e.
(WHR) Whirlpool $1.26 EPS vs $1.19e.
(ZGEN) Zonagen reported positive results in lupus studies.

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