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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pre-Market Stock Notes (July 31, 2006)

(ABT) Abbott Lab gets Humira FDA approval for treatment of ankylosing spondylitis.
(ADBL) Audible in pact with Apple over books.
(ARM) Arvin Motors $0.73 EPS vs $0.70e.
(ASMI) ASM Int'l up 5% after earnings overseas.
(ATVI) Activision gets letter on stock options from SEC.
(ATW) Atwood Oceanics $0.87 EPS vs $0.73e.
(AVP) Avon $0.40 EPS vs $0.37e.
(BMY) Bristol Myers and Sanofi failed to win antitrust clearance over its Apotex settlement over Plavix from state attorneys general.
(BRCM) Broadcom suspended its buyback plan until it can get its quarterly filing in.
(BYD) Boyd Gaming filed to sell 11.8M shares for holders.
(CELL) Brightpoint $0.16 EPS vs $0.16e; $549.9M vs $565+M(e).
(CNTF) China Techfaith announced $40M for share buybacks.
(DALRQ) Delta reportedly said no to a merger with US Air according to WSJ.
(DCO) Docummon $0.31 EPS vs $0.29e.
(EBAY) eBay filed to sell 15M shares of common stock for holders.
(ENSI) Energy South $0.20 EPS vs $0.19e.
(EXC) Excelon $0.85 EPS vs $0.81e.
(FLSH) M-Systems Flash up 9% pre-market as San Disk will acquire it for $36 per share in stock.
(GEHL) Gehl $0.75 EPS vs $0.73e.
(GERN) Geron -$0.14 EPS vs -$0.15e.
(GMRK) Gulfmark $0.63 EPS vs $0.49e.
(GVHR) Gevity $0.36 EPS vs $0.35e.
(HERO) Hercules Offshore $0.70 EPS vs $0.63e.
(HTRN) Healthtronics CFO stepped down.
(HUM) 0.53 EPS vs $0.36e.
(IRBT) iRobot gets $3M navy order.
(ITRI) I-Tron filed to sell $300M in notes.
(LWAY) Lifeway Foods is paying $8M to acquire Helios Nutrition.
(MNTA) Momenta Pharma filed new drug application with the FDA over an anticoagulent.
(NOC) Northrup Grumman may sell its navigation operations for up to $1 Billion.
(PD) Phelps Dodge trading up 4 points after merger update.
(PFE) Pfizer named the replacement for Hank McKinnel earlier than planned.
(PYX) Playtrex $0.17 EPS vs $0.15e.
(QTWW) Quantum Fuel -$0.27 EPS vs -$0.20e.
(RGC) Regal Entertainment $0.23 EPS vs $0.27e.
(SGP) Schering-Plough Japan has approved Temodal for malignant glicoma.
(SLAB) Silicon labs in litigation settlement with PWER.
(SNDK) SanDisk is acquiring FLSH for $1.55 Billion.
(STAA) STAAR Surgical-STAA gets approval to market Visian ICL in China.
(TTEK) Tetra Tech positive article on water bet according to Barron's.
(TWX) Time Warner's AOL will launch video portals this week according to WSJ.
(UAUA) UAL $1.09 EPS vs $1.12e.
(WMT) Wal-Mart said its pit July s-s-s at +2.4% .

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