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Friday, August 18, 2006

Cramer Names CEOs That Have to GO

Cramer's MAD MONEY

Cramer discussed several companies whose CEO's should actually leave/retire for their stocks to go up!

Runner-ups are Kevin Rollins at Dell (DELL) is the first one that needs to go according to Cramer AND 3M's (MMM) George Buckley who said there was a price gouging conspiracy.

These 5 CEO's need to go:

1. Marsh & McClennan (MMC) Michael Cherkasky. Doesn't know what he is doing.

2. Avon Products (AVP) Andrea Jung. could go to $32-43 or even $35 if she leaves or gets sacked.

3. Bausch & Lomg (BOL) Ronald Zarella should be fired for the lens solutions scandal and the way he handled it.

4. Home Depot's (HD) Bob Nardelii as his arrogance and pay package and mediocrity so he needs to go. Cramer thinks the stock could go up $5 if he leaves.

5. The worst today is absolutely is Peter Dolan of Bristol-Myers (BMY), he keeps getting the company into trouble. He thinks BMY could go back to $26 on this.

Forgive any name misspelled names, thanks.

Somehow Cramer left Meg Whitman out off this list from eBay (EBAY), and he normally slams her left and right.

Jon C. Ogg

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