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Monday, August 14, 2006

Media Digest 8/14/2006 Wall Street Journal, NYT, Reuters


According to Reuters, US regulators are worried about "giveaways" of popular drugs meant to build sales. Free Viagra and free trial of sleeping pills are only two examples of the practice. Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis engage in the practice. Experts are concerned the consumers may be lead to take drugs that they really do not need.

Microsoft introduced software that will make it easiers for independent game programmers and hobbiests to make games for the company's Xbox.

The Wall Street Journal reports that HealthSouth will try to sell several of its divisions to focus on "inpatient rehabilitation". The company was rocked by scandals the forced its CEO to leave the company.

The WSJ also reports that US LEC and Paetec will merge and trade under US LEC's symbol. The two small companies provide voice and data services.

The WSJ writes that BP will keep parts of Prudhoe Bay open meaning that some supply of oil will continue to flow from the region in northern Alaska.

The WSJ also reports that Verizon will release a digital video recorder that will allow customers of the company's fiber to the home product to watch recorded shows on any TV in their homes.

The New York Times reports that Verizon is rewiring New York with fiber replacing copper lines to compete with Comcast and Vonage, both of which are offering phone services to compete with the giant telco.

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