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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pre-Market Stock Notes (August 1, 2006)

(ACPW) Active Power wins power system contract for Asian airport development.
(ADM) ADM $0.62 EPS vs $0.52e, but on items; R$9.55B vs $9.78B(e).
(AFFX) Affymetrix reported wider losses and lower revenues; stock down 2%.
(ALO) Alpharma $0.32 EPS vs $0.31e.
(AMD) AMD up 2.5% pre-market on IBM using chips in new powerful computers; also online reports that Dell will use in laptops late 2006.
(ANSW) Answers -$0.09 EPS vs -$0.12e.
(ARTNA) Artesian Resources filed to sell $30M in common stock.
(BKC) Burger King reported a loss afetr items and underwriting expenses.
(CMG) Chipotle $0.33 EPS vs $0.26e.
(CNA) CNA $0.87 EPS 0.86e.
(COH) $0.31 EPS vs $0.29e; raised fiscal 2006 estimates.
(CYBX) Cyberonics down 16% on revised guidance.
(DRQ) Dril-quip $1.06 EPS vs $0.90e.
(DWSN) Dawson Geophysical $0.56 EPS vs $0.58e.
(EK) Eastman Kodak indicated down 1% to 2% after reporting wider losses; in digital camera design pact with Flextronics.
(ELN) Elan -$0.21 EPS vs -$0.20e.
(EMR) Emerson Electric $1.18 EPS vs $1.16e.
(EOG) EOG Resources $1.16 EPS vs $1.07e.
(EXAC) Exactech $0.18 EPS vs $0.17e.
(EYE) Advanced Medical Optics $0.50 EPS vs $0.51e.
(FDP) Fresh Delmonte $0.27 EPS vs $0.30e.
(FLML) Flamel -$0.40 EPS vs -$0.34e.
(FUN) Cedar Fair $0.20 EPS vs $0.30e.
(GAS) Nicor $0.41 EDPS vs $0.40e.
(GPRO) Gen-Probe $0.26 EPS vs $0.22e.
(GWR) Genesee & Wyoming $0.35 EPS vs $0.40e.
(HPC) Healthcare Property Investors $0.47 FFO vs $0.48e.
(HS) Healthspring $0.37 EPS vs $0.30e.
(HWK) Hawk $0.20 EPS vs $0.19e.
(INTX) Intersections $0.16 EPS vs $0.17e.
(IRBT) iRobot -$0.08 EPS vs -$0.19e; R$34.6M vs $33.15M(e); guidance looks in-line to a tad soft.
(IPIX) Ipix filed for Chapter 7.
(ISSX) Internet Security $0.22 EPS vs $0.22e.
(JOE) St.Joe announced a long-term development pact for single family homes with Beazer Homes.
(KBAY) Kanbay $0.18 EPS vs $0.16e.
(LEXG) Lexicon Genetics -$0.26 EPS vs -$0.28e.
(MET) MetLife $1.28 EPS vs $1.15e.
(MLM) Martin Marietta $1.63 EPS vs $1.65e.
(NAVR) Navarre $0.04 EPS vs $0.03e.
(NLS) Nautilus $0.05 EPS vs $0.06e.
(NRG) NRG Energy announced up to $750M to be used for share buybacks.
(NRGP) Inergy filed to sell $200M in securities.
(NTRI) NurtiSystems announced $50M for share buybacks.
(NUS) Nu Skin $0.20 EPS vs 0.19e.
(OSK) Oshkosh Truck $0.72 EPS vs $0.68e.
(OTTR) Otter Tail Power $0.37 EPS vs $0.39e.
(PER) Perot Systems $0.21 EPS as expected.
(PLAB) Photronics lowered guidance.
(POWI) Power Integrations reported that preliminary revenues were above expectations and sees Q3 slightly above estimates.
(PWAV) Powerwave Tech trading down 11% pre-market after missing estimates.
(Q) Qwest $0.06 EPS vs $0.05e.
(RRD) RRDonnelly $0.61 EPS vs $0.57e.
(RYAAY) Ryanair trading down almost 1% pre-market, although earnings looked ahead of estimates overseas.
(SINT) SI International $0.34 EPS vs $0.33e.
(SIRI) Sirius -$0.11 EPS vs -$0.15e; raised subscriber and revenue targets.
(SPG) Simon Property $1.26 FFO vs $1.25 est.
(SYVC) Synovics Pharma receives FDA approval for generic metformin.
(SYNM) Syntroleum -$0.27 EPS vs -$0.19e.
(TXRH) Texas Roadhouse $0.14 EPS vs $0.13e.
(TXU) TXU $1.39 EPS vs $1.34e.
(UTHR) United Therapeutics up 8% pre-market on higher earnings than expected; also announced CFO promotion.
(VC) Visteon up 7% pre-market after reporting positive earnings instead of a loss.
(VG) Vonage reported wider losses than expected and guided lower: -$1.16/R$143.3M vs -$0.47/$146.5M(e).
(VLO) Valero $2.98 EPS vs $2.95e.
(VMC) Vulcan Material;s $1.29 EPS vs $1.30e.
(VZ) Verizon $0.64 EPS vs $0.62e.
(WFMI) Whole Foods $0.37 EPS vs $0.34e; stock down 8% on sales.
(XEL) Xcel Energy $0.24 EPS vs $0.21e.
(XMSR) XM Satellite up 6% after Cramer touted it and said SIRI may want to acquire it.

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