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Monday, August 14, 2006

Pre-Market Stock Notes (August 14, 2006)

(AHGP) Alliance Holdings $0.37 EPS vs $0.28e.
(AMSF) Amerisafe $0.39 EPS vs $0.30e.
(BEAV) BE Aerospace is paying $68M to buy New York Fasteners.
(BP) BP will continue pumping and running part of the Prudhoe Bay pipeline.
(BSMD) Biosphere Medical microcatheter was cleared for marketing by the FDA.
(BWNG) Broadwing filed to sell $180 million in convertible debt.
(CEC) CEC has an SEC stock options inquiry.
(CLEC) US LEC -$0.25/$106.7M bs -$0.20/$105.75M(e).
(CSCO) Cisco Systems noted as being able to rise 25% more according to Barron's.
(CVTX) CV Therapeutics filed to sell 7.5M shares of common stock.
(ENT/JDO) Enterra Energy and Jed Oil have reportedly entered to some property and asset swaps.
(ERJ) Embraer reported higher converted EPS, but it is an overseas report.
(GGBM) GigaBeam gets expanded order from Wireless Facilities.
(HEW) Hewitt reported a loss instead of positive earnings, but it was after charges.
(HLSH) HealthSouth reported narrower losses and will explore strategic alternatives.
(JOE) The St. Joe co. is reportedly consolidating units in a reorganization.
(MOT) Motorola positive article in Barron's.
(MRK) Merck's new AIDS drug testing in Ghana may be as effective as other drugs according to WSJ.
(NGPS) NovAtel positive article in IBD.
(NLY) Annaly Mortgage filed to sell 25M shares of common stock.
(NRMX) Neurochem received an approvable letter from FDA for eprodisate for the treatment of Amyloid A (AA) amyloidosis.
(NWS) NewsCorp will begin offering TV and movie downloads on a select basis.
(ORCL) Oracle is investing $125M in I-Flex Solutions.
(PEP) Pepsi CEO will retire in October.
(QCOM) Qualcomm negative article in Barron's over WiMax competition.
(RADA) Radica Games -$0.03 EPS vs $0.02e.
(RMX) Ready-Mix $0.27 EPS vs $0.21e.
(RPOC) Rockwood Holdings $0.49 EPS vs $0.51e.
(SGP/NVS) Schering Plough and Novartis announced co-development pact for treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
(STGN) Strategene Holdings entered joint exploratory and development agreement with one of Merck's units.
(SVNT) Savient announced 10M share buyback in dutch tender.
(SYY) Sysco Foods $0.45 EPS vs $0.42e.
(TAGS) Tarrant Apparel filed to sell 4.9+M shares.
(TOD) Todd Shipyards gets $10+M expanded order from Naval modication.
(VMSI) Ventana Medical paying $346M cash to acquire Visions Systems Ltd.
(VRNT) Verint names new CFO.

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