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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two Microsoft Issues: Open Source and Vista Timing

Stock Ticker: MSFT

There have been two interesting developments in the push for Windows Vista out of Microsoft (MSFT).

The first is regarding open source. Yesterday there were many posts regarding the prediction that Microsoft would capitulate and may ultimately roll-out its own Linux products, and that the company would at least allow for more integration from developers in their ongoing open source developments. The issue that is more clear is the dozens of blog posts saying that the software and o/s behemoth over this last weekend invited the Mozilla Firefox development team to visit the company's open source research center in Redmond, Washington.

While we in the US were busy sleeping, the CEO of Microsoft's Great China Region reportedly said that Windows Vista release date will not be changed despite rumors that the dates may be at risk. Please understand that this was being said by a non-US executive, and while it is still an executive of the company there have been "error statements" made with regularity from non-HQ executives at companies all the time. It is still better than nothing being said at all, but the proof will be in the pudding.

Here is what DigiTimes Systems says on the matter:

While rumors recently indicated that Windows will again postpone the launch of its upcoming Vista operating system, Tim Chen, Microsoft's corporate vice president and CEO for the Greater China region, recently reiterated that the schedule for the release of Vista remains unchanged. The company will roll out the business version of Vista by the end of this year and the consumer version in the beginning of 2007, Chen stressed.

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