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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weekend Edition: Cramer Weekly Review

In Jim Cramer's MAD MONEY this week, Cramer had many names. Thursday was
sort of a dud, but he impacted many other stocks.

On Thursday he commented that you had to find hidden values in the
supermarkets and in the drugstores to make money in this market. In the
Supermarkets he prefered Danon (DA) and Tootsie Roll (TR). In the
drugstores he said some undicovered hidden values were Chattem (CHTT),
Matrix Initiatives (MTXX) and Perrigo (PRGO).

On Wednesday Cramer offered a break-up plan for Time Warner (TWX) that could
take teh stock to $26.00, but he said it is a sell until the company does
what he says. Cramer also said Cisco Systems (CSCO) is back and back
solidly and could go to $25.00 before any real pullback because of how it
has positioned itself.

On Tuesday Cramer went looking for "Hidden Treasures" and identified
GameStop (GME) as the best way to play the gaming stocks on the upcoming
releases and on the trends in gaming, but he said he would not own the top 4
game design studios. In his other hidden treasures Cramer said the ones to
own were Sigma-Aldrich (SIAL), Texas Utilities (TXU), Sonoco (SON).

On Monday Cramer wanted to show you how to make money on "supply shortages"
by choosing the following: national Oilwell Varco (NOV) for the rig shortage
issues, Chemical & Mining Co of Chile (Sociedad Quimica) (SQM) as the way to
benefit from non-medicine Lithium shortages now that so many lithium ion
batteries are being recalled, and he likes AMN Healthcare Services (AHS) as
the best way to win from the shortage in nurses in the US.


Jon C. Ogg

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