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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cramer on STOP TRADING (9/27/07); says ACI & MEE could get acquired

Jim Cramer on today's STOP TRADING segment was one where he essentially said KEEP TRADING.

Last night he was calling for a "mom-back," essentially a "back up the truck and buy" bias on the entire market and he has been positive on particularly techs and drug stocks as they lead the market higher.

He said it is the most stealth bull market he has seen. He said may 11 was essentially the peak of oil, now is bouncing and he thinks it may go lower. He thinks oil stocks have been trying to find a bottom. He thinks the market rally has legs.

He says the estimates are too low.

Arch Coal (ACI) is one that is too far off and he has noted it as a buyout from an oil company down the road. He also noted Massey (MEE). He said these are both too cheap.

Jon C. Ogg
September 27, 2006

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