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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cramer's MAD MONEY Recap (September 6, 2006)

Tonight on Jim Cramer's MAD MONEY, Cramer was looking for ways to make money in California. California is a trendsetter and 12% of the population,responsible for 13% of US GDP. You need to catch a California trend ahead of the rest of the street.

In Legislation the democratic legislature there are many pieces to play. With a democratic House and Senate in California and a republican head, he thinks some bills could be a trend there if we end up with a democratic house in Washington D.C.

The anti-Wal-Mart (WMT) Bill is designed to keep stores of over 10,000.

The booster seat bill is designed tomake all kids wear booster seats in cars. He says Mattel (MAT) out of the Fisher Price unit makes these.

The anti-Charter Communications Bill. Video has to get permits from each town, but it is bad news for Charter Communications (CHTR) as phone companies offer more video services.

He said Sell WMT and sell CHTR, but buy MAT.

In a call-in Cramer said Maguire Properties (MPG) and Macerich (MAC) are the way to play commercial properties. Cramer said if you have to own solar companies then you want Evergreen Solar (ESLR), but he would rather not play that game right now until the White House really gets behind it.

A bill that would prevent illegal immigrants from being nurses would be bad for Brookdale (BKD) and Sunrise Senior Living (SRZ); but it would help AMN Healthcare (AHS) would benefit hugely.

A headset for driving and talking on your cell phone would be a huge boon for plantronics (PLT).

State issued ID Cards that are tamper proof are great for L-1 Identity (ID), the old Viisage-Identix as they have a lock in the area.

There is also a Bill for Lamson & Sessions (LMS) and PW Eagle (PWEI) can win too.

The next bill is to allow dentists to do facelifts would help Palomar (PMTI) and Cutera (CUTR) and Biolase (BLTI).

The next bill will allow them to lower prices of drugs that they buy, but it is is horrible for Pfizer (PFE) and Merck (MRK). He says Big Pharma could wilt.

a Portland bill will decrease water per toilet flush, but this would be great for an American Standard (ASD) toilet.

URS (URS) should win if the company fixes its infrastructure. Vulcan (VMC) will win if they fix their roads.

In a call-in Cramer said said that Archer Daniels is the only play in California ethanol. In infrastructure Cramer said he thinks Caterpillar is OK until the Fed cuts and ingersoll Rand (IR) is ok.

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