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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cramer's Way to Play YouTube is LVLT

Cramer says everyone wants a way to play YouTube as it has passed up MySpace in popularity. YouTube is private, and every investor wants to know how to make money off it. Cramer said until yesterday there was not a way play it. But yesterday level 3 (LVLT) secured the broadband pipe contract to provide all the bandwidth for YouTube. Since you can't own YouTube, you want to own its spine. LVLT is that call. He said even after it jumped a little yesterday, it is not an expensive stock. He says this is the tip of the iceburg. Cramer said the reason that there is actually a growing shortage of bandwidth in the US now.

Cramer said it has completed a couple acquisitions and it is signaling that it is going to clean up these 11+% bonds. He said these bonds are indicating that the stock is going higher. Cramer said this is the last telco you can invest in. He is also saying that LVLT could be a takeover play.

LVLT closed up 0.2% at $4.55 after rising on this news yesterday. It is now trading up almost 5% more, or$0.22, at $4.77 in after-hours trading after Cramer's comments.

LVLT is probably calling Cramer to say Booyah!

Jon C. Ogg
September 13, 2006

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