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Monday, September 18, 2006

Media Digest 9/18/2006 Reuters, WSJ, NYT


According to Reuters, Automotive News has reported that Ford and GM have discussed an alliance or merger.

Reuters writes that Yahoo! will begin a new ad campaign in the US and overseas. The campaign will be on TV, radio, and online.

Reuters writes that You Tube has entered an agreement with Warner Music to make the music publisher's video legally available on the huge video site.

The WSJ reports that Sandisk, a player in the MP3 device market, and RealNetworks, which has a music downloads system, will challege the Apple iPod and iTunes.

The WSJ also reports that The Tribune Company is under pressure to sell the Los Angeles Times. The potential buyer is a group of wealthy citizens of the city.

The WSJ also reports that TimeWarner unit AOL is selling its web-access business in Germany to Telecom Italia.

The NY Times reports that Intel has built a chip that can transfer data using a laser light by transferring information between chips.

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