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Friday, October 06, 2006

Cramer on MAD MONEY (10/06/06): Buy Genentech (DNA) for Avastin

Cramer said he made a fortune off of the cholesterol lowering statins long ago, and statins are now $32.4 Billion in global sales around the world. He said he made a fortune off of investing in Merck long ago back on the statin play. Cramer said the next wave of medical spending that is underestimated is the cancer drug Avastin from Genentech (DNA). He thinks this could bigger than any street estimates out there and that Avastin may have many more uses because it starves tumors and doesn't destroy the rest of you like chemo. He thinks the market is already expecting a lot from Avastin, but he thinks it can do significantly more than the street thinks. Cramer said that everyone thinking they are marking up Avastin to cover up for low-end Lucentis sales, he thinks there are many more uses.

Cramer said buy 1/2 of the position before the stock reports earnings next week and then buy another half after they report earnings and the single-quarter risk is behind the stock.

DNA closed down 0.6% at $83.20 in regular trading, and its shares are up 0.9% at $83.97 in after-hours. DNA has a market cap of $87+ Billion.

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