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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cramer says Buy Tech

Cramer's MAD MONEY

Tech, casual dining, and in retail and it can't get much stronger.

He said right now buy the obvious, not the obscure.

Motorola-MOT; Oracle-ORCL; Microsoft-MSFT; Adobe-ADBE; Google-GOOG; Cisco-CSCO; Qualcomm-QCOM; Apple-AAPL. Techs have outperformed the S&P time after time this time of year.

He also said even Apple's macines are much betetr than Microsoft, Cisco is having its first bull market in years. Adobe has a great product, Motorola has best organic growth of cell phone co's. Google is great and Oracle is Orca.

Cramer also said AMD (AMD) is going to have a great quarter.

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