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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cramer Says Yahoo! Needs

Cramer tonight at MAD MONEY said that the Yahoo! situation is still going to $22.00, but Cramer outlined a path so that Yahoo! could recover.

He said that Mr. Semel is clueless. He said that Yahoo! needs growth, not the 1% they posted. He said that Yahoo! needs to go acquire other companies. He said he will give a list of Internet companies he names over the next few days. He thinks that if these went to Yahoo! they would make more money.

Cramer said (RATE) could jumpstart Yahoo!'s growth. He said it could easily be swallowed and assimilated. He said it would be just like IAC buying LendingTree. It has online publishing and print publishing and content. He said the market took 1/3 of the value off

Cramer will give another stock pick tomorrow other than RATE.

Cramer also like IAC/Interactive (IACI) in a call-in.

RATE closed up 0.2% at $30.11 in regular trading but rose to $31.00 after Cramer noted this.

Jon C. Ogg
October 18, 2006

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