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Friday, October 06, 2006

Cramer's MAD MONEY 10-06-06: Buy Senomyx (SNMX)

Cramer said that a great speculative play is Senomyx (SNMX).

It has wide losses and has disappointed analysts and hardly has any revenues, and he says no more than 20% of your portfolio can be a speculative. It is a thinly traded small cap, and he reminded once again not to trade after-hours and he warned you that it is a think volume stock you need to use limit orders. He said that eating sweet and salty foods because it has the ability to magnify tastes that allow magnification of salty and sweet. It has deals with Coke, Campbell, Kraft, Nestle. He said it has $78 million in cash to keep it afloat, and he said that the company does not have to get FDA approval. SNMX can only take 4% of the royalties on its products.

SNMX trades about 149,000 shares per day, and it closed up 2.59% at $15.84 on regular trading. It popped to $16.65, up another $0.85, in after-hours trading.

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