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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cramer's Stop Trading (Oct. 12, 2006)

on Cramer's STOP TRADING segment, Cramer said that the market is making fortunes people. And the came the unedit "blblblbllblblblb" where it nbecame hard to understand what he was saying.

He said YUM Brands (YUM) and McDonalds (MCD) are winning on food, he was positive on P&G (PG).

He said the fuel is coming out of oil and out of staples, and "the market is going higher." He even used the so-sue me afterward, but that is him.

Pepsi (PEP) wasn't that great and he panned Kellogg (K)

Phelps Dodge (PD) is big and it is going to Par, meaning $100.

OK, now I will go on record here and it may be controversial. I do not mind Cramer at all like so many others do. The reason is simple, he is engaging and gets peopleinterested in the market and interested in stocks. If 40 like what he says and 60 dislike it, or vice versa, that is a market. I personally know traders that make money following him on some calls, and others that make money shorting his stocks that pop too much. That is a market.

BUT....ah yes, a BUT. He often speaks in tongues so fast that he is hard to understand and today was a perfect example. It was almost mandatory to have an ADHD speed freak on staff to understand his show this afternoon.

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