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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cramer's STOP TRADING (Oct. 3, 2006)

On Jim Cramer's STOP TRADING segment on CNBC today at 2:25 PM EST, Cramer made the argument that the market has higher to go even with the market at new highs on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Cramer says he hasn't seen an oil decline this aggressive, and he said NAT GAS was manipulated up last year. He noted the S&P is very financially oriented.

He said the Janney Scott piece saying housing prices going up too much was just wrong.

On Technology, Cramer thinks the coming quarter might not be that good and you'll have to pick through it. He loves financials like Wells Fargo (WFC) and Goldman Sachs. He said Morgan Stanley (MS), Merrill Lynch (MER) and Bear Stearns (BSC). He also noted JPMorgan (JPM) and Citigroup (C).

He was very positive on Google (GOOG)

Jon C. Ogg
October 3, 2006

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