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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Google's Land Grab (GOOG)(YHOO)

Google is opening up its search architecture so that individual websites can use the company's application to build custom search functions for their own properties. Google will charge nothing for the service. Google will place text-based ads on the customer search pages, so the free part is a bit of a stretch.

Yahoo! offers a similar function now, so it is another bit of bad news for them.

With Google's share of the search market rising every month and now at over at 45% share, and Yahoo!'s sinking like a ship that has taken two fish in the boiler, the move by Google should help cement it huge lead.

Google is getting more clever about it "free" packages. With spreadsheet, mail, blogger,and word applications, the company is actually extending the number of web pages on which it can place its text ads, and make money.

Free? Not really.

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