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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Media Digest 10/18/2006 Reuters, WSJ, NYT


According to Reuters, Reuters said it Q3 revenue was up 4.6%.

Reuters reports that CME bought rival exchange the CBOT for $8 billion.

Reuters writes that Intel posted at 35% decline in its Q3 profits but said that its price was with AMD seemed to be ending.

Reuters also reports that Yahoo!'s net fell 37% due to options costs and a weakening online ad market. The company also said its improved web search product was ready and shares were up after hours.

Reuters also writes that the CEO and CFO of technology consultant Sapient resigned due to the company's stock option probe.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Collins & Aikman cut off deliveries to Ford in a sign of rising tensions between car companies and their suppliers. A pricing dispute over intrument panels was the cause of the rift.

The WSJ writes that IBM's profits rose 46% as it had strength across all business units.

The WSJ also writes that Motorola's profits dropped due, in part, to disappointing handset sales.

The New York Times writes that Chinese car companies admit that it could be 2020 before then vehicles are ready to sell in the US market.

The NYT also reports that Sony's Playstation3 will aim to best rivals using online gaming as one of its key weapons.

The NYT also reports that Viacom will license video to Chinese portal Baidu.

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