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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Murdoch The Fox (NWS)

News Corp has announced that it will use it massive MySpace community website to air Fox television shows. The program will be advertising supported.

Although Fox has done well in ratings, all of broadcast and cable TV is wrestling with the move of video online, especially mainstream content.

Nielsen/Netratings says that MySpace drew 46 million unique users in July, about half of Google's 94 million.

Murdoch has always been clever, but the large question is whether Fox programming will play with the MySpace audience, which tends to be extremely young. MySpace is not primarily a destination for video, although many independent rock bands put video there and the site has a great deal of user created content.

If web users go to sites to get what they expect, the MySpace/Fox experiment may well be a failure. At least at, users expect video.

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