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Friday, October 06, 2006

On Google and YouTube

Discussing rumors and discussing blogs is something that makes one wonder just how traditional media operates. This morning CNBC discussed a rumor from TechCrunch, where there are rumors that YouTube may be acquired by Google (GOOG). YouTube is for sale for anyone that can come up with the cash, but the funny thing is that the title on the rumor line at TechCrunch is "Completely Unsubstantiated Google/YouTube Rumor" and it ends where Michael Arrington notes "Based on experience with these sort of rumors, I’d put this at 40% likely to be at least partially true."

Check it out for yourself.

Google can definitely handle wading through the ongoing copyright issues, but you have to wonder if it would want to. This would also be a larger deal for a company that has surprisingly gone for smaller deals and a company that tends to take the "grow your own" attitude. Google shares are trading down 0.5% at $409.74 on last look in pre-market trading.

Jon C. Ogg
October 6, 2006

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