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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pre-Market Stock News (Oct. 18, 2006)

(ABT) Abbott Labs $0.58 EPS vs $0.58e; annnounced $2.5 Billion share buyback plan.
(ACTG) Acacia Tech licensed its bar coding to Dell.
(APOL) Apollo Group $0.54 EPS vs $0.66e; found option deficiencies in options investigations.
(ASML) ASM Lithography trading down 5% after beating expectations overseas.
(BPUR) Biopure filed to sell up to $55 million in common stock.
(CGNX) Cognex $0.22 EPS vs $0.21e, but guidance looks light next quarter; sharres traded down 8%.
(CHUX) O'Charley's lowered guidance.
(CHRZ) Computer Horizons selling off its Chimes unit for $80 million.
(CIT) CIT Group $1.25 EPS vs $1.21e.
(CSX) CSX $0.54 EPS vs $0.51e.
(CTHR) Charles & Colvard $0.12 EPS vs $0.15e.
(DJ) Dow Jones $0.11 EPS vs $0.10e.
(DTLK) Datalink $0.11 EPS vs $0.09+e.
(FULT) Fulton Financial $0.28 EPS vs $0.28e.
(GD) General Dynamics $1.08 EPS vs $1.06e.
(GM) GM has hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to protect themselbves from a Kerkorian attack next year.
(HWAY) Healthways $0.38 EPS vs $0.37e.
(IBM) IBM rose 5% after posting $1.45 EPS vs $1.35e; has a $109 BILLION Backlog.
(ILMN) Illumina rose 18% after beating earnings handily $0.32 vs $0.17e; and after raising guidance.
(IMGN) Immunogen signed wider licesning to Sanofi-Aventis over its antibody technology.
(INGN) Introgen up over 4% after saying ist compound may have numerous cancer applications.
(INTC) Intel traded up 1% after beating lowered estimates after announcing it thought it was winning back market share.
(ITW) Illinois ToolWorks $0.78 EPS vs $0.80e.
(JPM) JPMorgan $0.92 EPS vs $0.86e.
(KEA) Keane $0.18 EPS vs $0.17e.
(LLTC) Linear tech $0.37 EPS vs $0.37e; lowered revenue guidance; stock fell 4.8% after-hours.
(LUFK) Lufkin Ind. $1.15 EPS vs $1.14e.
(MEL) Mellon $0.53 EPS vs $0.52e.
(MOT) Motorola traded down roughly 8% after meeting EPS but missing revenue estimates.
(MRVL) Marvell Tech plans to meet over financing its acquisition of the Intel unit it is buying; company being tied to stock option scandal according to CNBC.
(MXIM) Maxim Integrated fell 2.5% in sympathy with Linear-LLTC.
(NFX) Newfield Exploration lowered production guidance.
(NITE) Knight Trading $0.30 EPS vs $0.26e; stock up 2%.
(NTRS) Northern Trust $0.74 EPS vs $0.79e; hiked dividend and increased buyback plans yesterday.
(NVLS) Novellus $0.57 EPS vs $0.51e, but revenue and outlook weak; stock down 6%.
(OXY) Occidental Petroleum $1.35 EPS vs $1.34e.
(PJC) Piper Jaffray $0.50 EPS vs $0.46e.
(PKG) Packaging Corp of America $0.42 EPS vs $0.42e.
(PH) Parker Hannifen $1.75 EPS vs $1.48e.
(SCMR) Sycamore is delaying its annual report over its options investigation.
(SIGA) Siga Tech has demonstrated 100% protection against small pox in monkies, but this is a cure rather than a vaccine.
(SONE) S1 traded up over 10% after Cramer said it should be the next sofftware acquisition.
(SOV) Sovereign Bancorp $0.37 EPS vs $0.38e.
(SPLS) Staples up over 2% after Cramer said it is undervalued.
(STJ) St. Jude $0.41 EPS vs $0.38e.
(TEVA) Teva trading down 3% on talk that the CEO will retire next year.
(TLB) Talbots guides $0.12-0.15 EPS vs $0.14e.
(TRMK) Trustmark $0.53 EPS vs $0.53e.
(TSS) Total Systems $0.28 EPS vs $0.27e.
(TTWO) Take-Two Interactive founder and ex-CEO resigns.
(TWX) Time Warner Cable filed to go public from Time Warner Inc.
(YHOO) Yahoo! is up about 4% pre-market; traded down 3% after meeting lowered numbers and guiding down slightly again, but then traded up to +5% after Semel said the Panama ad/search system is on schedule for an early 2007 release. Cramer said YHOO is going to $21 before you can buy it.

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