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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pre-Market Stock News (Oct. 19, 2006)

(AAPL) Apple traded up $4 after beating earnings, despite conservative guidance; Mac and iPod shipments above top expectations.
(ADS) Alliance Data $0.81 EPS vs $0.68e; raised 2006 guidance.
(ALB) Albermarle $1.25 EPS vs $0.90e.
(ALL) Allstate $1.83 EPS vs $1.78e; announced $3 Billion for share buybacks.
(AMD) AMD traded down 12% after $0.27 EPS vs $0.24e on lower margins.
(AME) Ametek $0.67 EPS vs $0.67e.
(AVCT) Avocent $0.64 EPS vs $0.53e.
(AZR) Aztar $0.56 EPS vs $0.51e.
(BA) Boeing won a $1 Billion+ contract from Air Force for communications satellites.
(BAC) Bank of America $1.22 EPS sv $1.16e.
(BBW) Build a Bear $0.13 EPS vs $0.11e.
(BCR) CRBard $$0.82 EPS vs $0.77e.
(BK) Bank of NY $0.56 EPS vs $0.55e.
(BSX) Boston Scientific $0.10 EPS vs $0.09e.
(C) Citigroup $1.06 EPS vs $1.03e.
(CAL) Continental $1.36 EPS vs $1.30e.
(CHKP) Check Point Software $0.43/R$142.5M vs $0.32/R$139M(e);
(CMA) Comerica $1.20 EPS vs $1.21e.
(COF) Capital One $1.89 EPS vs $1.81e.
(COSI) Cosi -$0.05 vs $0.00e; R$33M vs $36M(e); s-s-s -4.2%.
(CTXS) Citrix $0.34 EPS vs $0.33e.
(DHR) Danaher $0.83 EPS vs $0.82e.
(DTAS) Digitas replaces HANS in S&P Small Cap 600 Index.
(EBAY) ebay traded up 2% after beating earnings but giving soft guidance; maintained business plans in China.
(EFX) Equifax $0.52 EPS vs $0.51e.
(ELNK) Earthlink $0.02/R$331.3 million vs $0.01/$332.75M(e).
(ET) E*Trade $0.36 EPS vs $0.36e; guides $1.45-1.50 vs $1.47e.
(FCS) Fairchild Semi $0.25 EPS vs $0.23e.
(FITB) Fifth Third Bank $0.68 EPS vs $0.67e.
(GILD) Gilead $0.64 EPS vs $0.57e.
(GNTX) Gentex $0.18 EPS vs $0.17e.
(HANS) Hansen Natural traded up 3% after moving up from S&P Small Cap to S&P Mid Cap.
(HPQ) H-P actually beat out Dell on worldwide PC shipments last quarter according to Gartner and according to IDC.
(HRZ) Hertz raised guidance.
(HSY) Hershey $0.77 EPS vs $0.81e.
(IONA) IONA Tech $0.05 EPS vs $0.03e.
(JNPR) Juniper traded up 2% after revenues at $573+M vs $573M(e).
(KMI) Kinder Morgan $1.02 EPS vs $0.93e.
(KNX) Knight Transport $0.22 EPS vs $0.21e.
(KO) Coca Cola $0.62 EPS vs $0.59e.
(LOGI) Logitech $0.26 EPS vs $0.22e.
(LLY) Eli Lilly $0.79 EPS
(LRW) Labor Ready $0.48 EPS vs $0.47e.
(LUV) Southwest Airlines $0.19 EPS vs $0.21e.
(NDAQ) NASDAQ $0.22 EPS vs $0.16e.
(NOK) Nokia trading down over 3% after missing estimates in Europe.
(NVS) Novartis $0.80 EPS vs $0.75e.
(PCU) Southern Copper positive according to cramer.
(PFE) Pfizer $0.46 vs $0.45; sees $10 Billion in share buyback; sets cost cutting of over $4 Billion in previous.
(PLCM) Polycom $0.27 EPS vs $0.25e.
(PWAV) Powerwave filed to sell 17.7 million shares for holder.
(QLTI) QLT Lowered its Visudyne sales targets.
(RATE) trading up after Cramer said it should get acquired by Yahoo!.
(REGN) Regenron will collaborate with Bayer on eye disease treatment.
(RX) IMS HEalth $0.39 EPS vs $0.35e.
(RYL) Ryland $1.97 EPs vs $1.80e; put 2006 EPS guidance above estimates.
(SAP) SAP trading down 1.5% after reporting earnings overseas.
(SKYT) Skytel filed to sell 35.8 million users.
(SNE) Sony lowered guidance.
(STLD) Steel Dynamics $2.17 EPS vs $2.08e.
(SUSS) Susser Holdings 6.5 million share IPO priced at $16.50.
(TER) Teradyne $0.24 EPS vs $0.20e; lowered guidance
(TXT) Textron $1.36 EPS vs $1.24e.
(UNH) United Health $0.79 EPS vs $0.76e; guides 2006 $2.95-2.97 vs $2.95e; guides 2007 up 15% which is essentially in-line; named Steve Helmsley as CEO.
(UPS) UPS $0.96 EPS vs $0.93e.
(VICL) Vical gets $25 Milion investment from Temasek in Asia.
(VIGN) Vignette $0.19 EPS vs $0.12+e; raised next quarter guidance.
(VLY) Valley National Bank $0.37 EPS vs $0.35e.
(WM) Washington Mutual $0.84 EPS vs $0.92e.
(WMT) Wal-Mart will enter drug plans in 14 more states, a move largely expected; announced 100 price cuts on toys and games.
(WSTL) Westel $0.05 EPS vs $0.04e.
(WYE) Wyeth $0.85 EPS vs $0.80e.

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