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Friday, October 20, 2006

Pre-Market Stock News (Oct. 20, 2006)

(ACO) AMCOL $0.52 EPS vs $0.48e.
(AH) Armor Holdings $0.75 EPS vs $0.63e.
(ALFA) Alfa Corp $0.33 EPS vs $0.33e.
(BRCM) Broadcom exceeded estimates on revenues, but wont give EP and said it won't have its quarterly filing on time.
(CAT) Caterpillar $1.13 EPS vs $1.13; lowered 2006; cautious 2007; stock down 10%.
(CGA) Corus Group agrees $8 Billion buyout from Tata Steel.
(CERN) Cerner $0.36 EPS vs $0.32e.
(CREE) Cree $0.17 EPS vs $0.16e.
(DSCP) Datascope is leaving the vascular market after posting lower than expected earnings; stock down 6%.
(EXLS) ExelService IPO priced 5 million shares at$13.50.
(GOOG) Google traded up 6% after-hours after smoking earnings expectations.
(HCA) HCA $0.58 EPS vs $0.66e; unsure if comparable.
(IBAS) iBasis gets informal inquiry from the SEC over options.
(INFA) Informatica fell 15% after-hours; beat earnings but 2007 guidance off; renewed Oracle pact for 4 years.
(ININ) Interactive Intelligence filed to sell 4 million shares.
(INTL) InterTEL $0.30 EPS vs $0.24.
(IUSA) InfoUSA $0.20 EPS vs $0.17e, but only 1 estimate.
(LAUR) Laureate Education $0.22 EPs vs $0.18e.
(LEG) LEggett & Platt $0.45 EPS vs $0.44e.
(LM) Legg Mason is undervalued according to Business Week.
(MLM) Maryin Marietta raised Q3 and Q4 guidance.
(MMM) 3M $1.17 EPS vs $1.13e; R$5.86B vs $5.76e.
(MOLX) Molex $0.41 EPS vs $0.40e.
(MRK) Merck $0.51 EPS vs $0.50e.
(MSFT) Microsoft lost Universal and Fox as partners for the Halo movie.
(NSTK) Nastech Pharma filed to sel $125 million in common stock.
(NSIT) Insight Enterprises delaying quarterly filing over its optiosn review.
(NVS) Novartis gets 5 additional uses approved on Gleevec, despite harder heart risks noted on warning label.
(OATS) Wild Oats will not renew its CEO contract in 2007.
(OMCL) Omnicell $0.17 EPS vs $0.15e.
(O) Oakley $0.25 EPS vs $0.22e.
(PGI) Premeire Global $0.16/R$122.1M vs $0.18/$123.5M(e).
(PRST) Presstek noted as worth $12, instead of $5.30 current, in Business Week article.
(RBAK) Redback Networks $0.12 EPS vs $0.10e.
(RMIX) USConcrete lowered guidance to $0.28-0.30 EPS vs $0.34e; makes $12.5 million acquisition.
(SAY) Satyam $0.20 EPS vs $00.17e.
(SGP) Schering Plough $0.19 EPS vs $0.15e.
(SIRF) SiRF $0.22/R$63.7M vs $0.22/$63.1M(e); stock traded up 5%.
(SLB) Schlumberger $0.81 EPS vs $0.76e.
(SNDK) SanDisk traded down 14% after beating numbers because of margin pressures and because the results were lower than before; stock down $14%.
(SNUS) Sonus positive in Business Week.
(STMP) $0.18 EPs vs $0.16e.
(SUNH) Sun Healthcare is paying $350 million to acquire Harborside Healthcare.
(TPX) Tempur Pedic $0.34 EPS vs $0.32e.
(UB) UnionBancal $1.21 EPS vs $1.22e.
(VFC) VFCorp $1.75 EPS vs $1.68e.
(VICL) Vical said its avian flu vaccine was 100% successful in a study of ferrets.
(VMSI) Ventana Medical $0.22 EPS vs $0.22e.
(XLNX) Xilinx $0.27/R$467.2M vsd $0.23/$456M(e); sees 2-5% revenue growth sequentially.
(ZION) Zions Bancorp $1.42 EPS vs $1.32e.

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