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Friday, October 27, 2006

Pre-Market Stock News (Oct. 27, 2006)

(AKAM) Akamai Tech $0.24 EPS vs $0.22e; stock fell 1%.
(ALSK) Alaska Communications $0.20 EPS vs $0.13e, it is also evaluating investment alternatives.
(ARTC) Arthrocare $0.31 EPS vs $0.29e.
(AT) Alltel $0.60 EPS vs $0.64e.
(AVID) Avid Tech $0.42 EPS vs $0.39e.
(AYE) Allegheny Power $0.56 EPS vs $0.53e.
(BHI) Baker Hughes $1.09 EPS vs $1.08e.
(BLDR) Builders First $0.60 EPS vs $0.72e.
(CAH) Cardinal Health $0.78 EPS vs $0.76e.
(CB) Chubb $1.37 EPS vs $1.22e.
(CEG)Constellation Energy $1.56 EPS vs $1.28e.
(CHE) Chemed $0.48 EPS vs $0.47e.
(CLS) Celestica $0.18 EPS vs $0.16e; R$2.4B vs $2.24B(e).
(COHU) Cohu $0.19 EPS vs $0.13e.
(COLM) Columbia Sportswear $1.67 EPS vs $1.61e.
(CPWR) Compuware $0.07 EPS vs v$0.07e; although revenues look light.
(CRTX) Critical Therapeutics filed to sell 7+ million shares.
(CSH) Cash America $0.42 EPS vs $0.41e.
(CTV) CommScope $0.64 EPS vs $0.61e.
(CVH) Coventry $0.92 EPS vs $0.92e.
(DECK) Deckers Outdoor handily beat earnings and raised guidance; stock up 10%.
(DELL) Dell noted as having value to Barron's.
(DO) Diamond Offshare $1.19 EPS vs $1.26e.
(DRIV) Digital River $0.41 EPS vs $0.38e.
(DSCM) -$0.03 EPS vs -$0.04e.
(DTAS) Digitas fell 2% after missing earnings expectations.
(ELK) ElkCorp missed earnings significantly and guided much lower.
(ELX) Emulex $0.25 EPS vs $0.24e.
(EMN) Eastman Chemical $1.24 EPS vs. $1.14e.
(EXAR) Exar adds $16 million to its existing share buyback plan.
(FRNT) Frontier Airlines $0.06 EPS vs $0.04e.
(FTEK) Fuel Tech positive IBD article.
(GNW) Genworth Financial $0.66 EPS vs $0.71e.
(GPS) Gap says outlet division president left the company.
(HIG) Hartford Insurance $2.30 EPS vs $2.25e.
(IDXX) Idexx Labs $0.76 EPS vs $0.69e.
(IOM) Iomega $0.02 EPS vs $0.02e.
(IR) Ingersoll Rand $0.85 EPS vs $0.86e.
(IRBT) iRobot beat earnings and guided lower-end of range higher.
(ISIL) Intersil COO is leaving the company.
(ISRG) Intuitive Surgical $$0.45 EPs vs $0.41e.
(ITT) ITT $0.77 EPS vs $0.76e.
(IVGN) Invitrogen $0.87 EPS vs $0.78e.
(IWOV) Interwoven $0.12 EPS vs $0.10e.
(KCI) Kinetic Concepts $0.67 EPS vs $0.66e.
(LGND) Ligand sold its DelMar California HQ for some $40+ million.
(LPNT) Lifepoint $0.62 EPS vs $0.59e.
(MDRX) Allscripts Health $0.19 EPS vs $0.19e.
(MFE) McAfee $0.36 EPS vs $0.30e.
(MHK) Mohawk Ind. $1.88 EPs vs $1.78e.
(MSFT) Microsoft beat earnings, but lowered guidance becaus eof pushouts on Vista revenues from vouchers; stock traded down but then went up to flat marginally.
(MSTR) Microstrategy $1.32 EPS vs $1.19e.
(NOVN) Noven and Shire-SHPGY released positive data on the ADHD for kids 6-12 years old.
(NTGR) Netgear $0.35 EPS vs $0.30e.
(OLN) Olin $0.44 EPS vs $0.37e; unsure if comparable.
(ONNN) On Semi $0.23 EPS vs $0.21e.
(OPLK) Oplink $0.17 EPS vs $0.14e.
(OPTM) Optium 5.2M share IPO priced at $17.50, above the range.
(OPWV) Openwave $91.2M R$ vs $87.9M(e).
(ORB) Orbital Science $0.14 EPS vs $0.15e; sees $0.50-0.60 EPS vs $0.61e for year; revenues were a tad ahead.
(ORCC) Online Resource & Comm. filed to sell 13 million shares of common stock.
(OS) Oregon Steel $1.79 EPS vs $1.34e.
(PDE) Pride International $0.52 EPS vs $0.41e.
(PKI) Perkins Elmer $0.30 EPS vs $0.26e.
(PLAY) Portal Player $0.13 EPS vs $0.12e.
(RDYN) Replidyne -$0.22 EPS vs -$0.31e.
(RIN) Rinker Group trading up 21% as Cemec offers to buy the company.
(ROP) Roper Ind. $0.56 EPS vs $0.54e.
(RVBD) Riverbed Tech -$0.02/R$24.6M vs -$0.05/$21.5M(e).
(SLXA) Selexa received a positive article in Business Week.
(SOHU) $0.17 EPS vs $0.16e.
(SUNW) Sun Micro -$0.01/R$3.19B vs -$0.04/$3.20B(e).
(TBL) Timberland $0.82 EPS vs $0.75e.
(UEIC) Universal Electronics received a positive article in Business Week.
(VAS) Viasys Healthcare receives FDA marketing approval for Avea Nasal system.
(VLCM) Volcom $0.42 EPS vs $0.39e.
(VRTX) Vertex -$0.42 EPS vs $0.47e, showe dpositive hepatitis C data on Telaprevir.
(VVUS) Vivus -$0.13 EPS vs -$0.14e.
(VTR) Ventas $0.64 EPs vs $0.58e.
(WEBX) WebEx $0.35 EPS vs $0.35e; stock fell 7% on light revenues.
(WU) Western Union received a positive article in Business Week.

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