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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pre-Market Stock Notes (Oct. 26, 2006)

(AAI) Airtran -$0.05 EPS vs $0.04e.
(ABT) Abbott Lab showed positive XIENCE coated stent results.
(ACHN) Achillon 4.5M share IPO priced at $11.50, under the range.
(ACV) Alberto Culver $0.74 EPS vs $0.70e; sets special $25 dividend.
(AET) Aetna trading up 5% after beating earnings higher guidance.
(AZN) AstraZeneca $1.01 EPS vs 0.98e, but stock down $5 after discontinuing its stroke treatment drug.
(BG) Bunge $1.40 EPS vs $1.41e.
(BMY) Bristol Myers $0.22 EPS vs $0.20e.
(CCU) Clear Channel is evaluating alternatives to enhance shareholder value.
(CMCSA) Comcast $0.26 EPS vs $0.20e. Revenues $6.43 Billion vs $6.41B(e).
(CRGN) Curagen -$0.29 EPS vs -$0.34e.
(CRR) Carbo Cermaics $0.55 EPS vs $0.58e.
(CSGP) Costar $0.25 EPs vs $0.18e.
(ECIL) ECI Telecom $0.09 EPS vs $0.10e.
(FMD) First Marblehead $2.23 EPS vs $2.06e.
(GSK) GlaxoSmithkline earnings rose 15% overseas; announced an $11 Billion share buyback plan.
(HCR) HCR Manor Care$0.60EPS vs $0.59e.
(HMIN) Home & Inns Hotels Management 7.9M share IPO priced at$13.80, above range.
(HOT) Starwood beat earnings but unsure if they are comparable.
(HTV) Hearst Argyle $0.18 EP vs $0.16e.
(KBAY) Kanbay gets acquired for $29 per share by Cap Gemini.
(KEM) Kemet $0.12 EPs vs $0.11e; announced $160 million convertible note sales, announced 425M share buyback.
(LIZ) Liz Claiborne $0.96 EPS vs $0.99e.
(LKQX) LKQ $0.19 EPS vs $0.19e.
(LNCE) Lance $0.25 EPS vs $0.31e.
(MBI) MBIA $1.55 EPS vs $1.45e.
(MEDI) Medimmune -$0.30 EPS vs -$0.30e.
(MGLN) Magellan $0.54 EPS vs $0.47e; signed some management pacts with Cigna.
(MS) Morgan Stanley is investing some $3 Billion in the coming years into carbon trading initiatives.
(NHWK) Nighthawk Radiology 5.5M share secondary priced at $18.50.
(ODFL) Old Dominion Freight Line $0.54 EPS vs $0.53e.
(OMX) Office Max $0.56 EPS vs $0.55e.
(PENN) Penn National Gaming $0.47 EPS vs $0.50e.
(RATE) $0.21 EPS vs $0.23e; R$19.5M vs $20.35M(e).
(RGC) Regal Entertainment $0.20 EPS vs $0.18e; filed to sell 8.2 million shares for holders.
(RNVS) Renovis stock trading down 75% after it announced negative Phase II stroke study results with AZN.
(RTN) Raytheon $0.71 EPS vs $0.65e.
(S) Sprint Nextel $$0.32 EPS vs $0.33e; R$10.5B vs $10.49B(e).
(SEPR) Sepracor beat EPS significantlt, but unsure if EPS is comparable; R$289.3M vs $275.5M(e).
(STA) St. Paul Travelers $1.46 EPS vs $1.28e.
(STRA) Strayer Education $0.44 EPS vs $0.40e.
(SYMC) Symantec traded down 7% after earnings and guidance were both a tad short of estimates; stock back under $20.
(TOC) Thomson $0.61 EPS vs $0.57e.
(TRH) Transatlantic Holdings $1.61 EPS vs $1.50e.
(ULBI) Ultralife Batteries R$24.4M vs $26.2M(e).
(XOM) Exxon Mobil $1.77 EPS vs $1.59e.

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