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Monday, October 30, 2006

Select Analyst Calls (Oct. 30, 2006)

AAP started as Underweight at JPMrgan.
AMP raised to Neutral at B of A.
AZO started as Underweight at JPMorgan.
BIIB raised to Peer Perform at Bear Stearns.
CAR cut to Hold at Soleil.
CRS raised to Outperform at Bear Stearns.
CX raised to Buy at Merrill Lynch.
ENR started as Underweight at Morgan Stanley.
END started as Overweight at JPMorgan.
HLND started as Overweight at Lehman.
IR cut to Hold at Deutsche Bank.
JNS cut to Sell at Goldman Sachs.
KLAC raised to Outperform at RBC.
KOF raised to Equal Weight at Lehman.
KOMG raised to Buy at Deutsche Bank.
LLL raised to buy list at Goldman Sachs.
LMT raised to Buy at Goldman Sachs.
LNET cut to Hold at Soleil.
LVS started as Buy at Deutsche Bank.
NOVN cut to Sell at Soleil.
NVLS cut to Sector Perform at RBC.
OSG cut to Sell at Citigroup.
ORLY started as Neutral at JPMorgan.
PSUN raised to Neutral at JPMorgan.
SHW started as Equal Weight.
SSCC raised to Buy at B of A.
WFMI cut to Sector Perform at RBC.
WSH raised to Overweight at Morgan Stanley.
YHOO raised to Buy at Merrill Lynch.

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