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Friday, October 13, 2006

Stupid Analyst Call Of The Week: Weisel On Yahoo!

Thomas Weisel, the investment bank, downgraded Yahoo! today. The stock got moved from "peer perform" from "outperform". A slowing internet advertising market was given as the primary reason for the move.

Hopefully, Weisel is not charging for its research. When the analyst lives in a cave in the woods and gets to see a newspaper once a year, the opinions aren't worth much.

It dawned on the general market that Yahoo!'s fortunes were flagging when the stock dropped from $43 to $34 this past January. And, if Weisel needed further evidence that the slowing internet ad market was hurting Yahoo!, the stock's fall from $32 to $25 in July after it was clear that Yahoo!'s second quarter has been a disappointment. Then there was the most recent drop from $29 to $24 when Yahoo! management mentioned the Q3 would come in at the low end of expectations.

Yahoo! is dead meat for the time being, but, we knew that already.

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