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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekend Edition: Cramer says Buy Tech

Cramer's MAD MONEY

Tech, casual dining, and in retail and it can't get much stronger.

He said right now buy the obvious, not the obscure.

Motorola-MOT; Oracle-ORCL; Microsoft-MSFT; Adobe-ADBE; Google-GOOG; Cisco-CSCO; Qualcomm-QCOM; Apple-AAPL. Techs have outperformed the S&P time after time this time of year.

He also said even Apple's macines are much betetr than Microsoft, Cisco is having its first bull market in years. Adobe has a great product, Motorola has best organic growth of cell phone co's. Google is great and Oracle is Orca.

Cramer also said AMD (AMD) is going to have a great quarter.

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