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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Big 20 Financial Websites Jockey For Wampum (Part II): Yahoo!Finance Dominates


ComScores ratings of the financial news sites show that the three large internet portals (AOL, Yahoo! and MSN) dominate the category, but web research firm NetRatings may give a better analysis of factors beyond raw audience numbers.

NetRatings shows Yahoo! Finance ahead of all other finance news site in October. What is extraordinary about the site is not just its total audience, but its huge advantage in pageviews by visitors. Yahoo! Finance has 13.74 million unique users during the months, and over 645 million pageviews. The average amount of time spent at the site over the course of the month by its users was almost 29 minutes.

By contrast, the next site on the list, MSN Money, had 11.69 million unique visitors but only 279 million pages views. Average time spent by users for the month was just over 19 minutes. AOL Finance was next with unique visitors of 10.33 million and pageviews of over 259 million. Time spent at the site was about 17 minutes.

The advantage that Yahoo! Finance has over the site below it in total audience, pageviews and time spent at the site leaves a huge moat between it and its competition.

Next down the list is the Dow Jones websites with 7.99 million unique users and 177 million page views. CNN Money is next with 7.85 million users and pageviews of 164 million.

The next tier has two websites: with 6.3 million unique visitors and over 74 million page views and Reuters with 6.14 million visitors and 40.8 million pageviews. Reuters pageviews are very weak for the number of visitors that the site has.

Other notables in the Top 20 are BusinessWeek Online with 4.24 million visitors and almost 31 million pageviews, Motley Fool with over 3 million unique visitors and 31.7 million pageviews, and with 2.76 million unique visitors and over 22 million pageviews. Also in the Top 20 are USA Today Money, Smart Money, and Hoovers.

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