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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cramer Goes Back for Sears Holdings Again

Stock Tickers: SHLD

Tonight on CNBC's MAD MONEY Cramer also went over one of his long-standing favorite retail plays: Sears Holdings (SHLD).

He implied that SHLD stock is no different than investing in a company with a hedge fund manager trying to make his stocks go up. After today's drop of almost $10.00 after earnings, Cramer said the stock is going back up. He says this is a gift. He did tell on himself that you have heard him back this stock again and again. He said the bears are harping on same store sales and on inventory build-ups. He said it isn't a screaming buy because of it being a great retail play and not because it is a turnaround story. He says this is an investment ultimately in Eddie Lampert.

He has been there for the last $140 of upside, but he thinks it is going much higher and it may be a baby Berkshire Hathaway. Even though it is expensive on multiples, it will get more expensive and Eddie Lampert is a winner. The company allows Eddie Lampert to invest the profits from Sears and K-Mart elsewhere where he sees fit. The company made $101 million off of outside investments. The street doesn't like that they can't evaluate Sears as a retailer, but Cramer does.

Jon C. Ogg
November 16, 2006

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