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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cramer Reviews How to Trade Off Deals

On today's STOP TRADING segment on CNBC, Jim Cramer discussed how to play the potential Delta/USAir merger and the Blockbuster deals.

Jim Cramer said on NYSE (NYX) that the Deutsche Boerse was running scared. Cramer said the NYSE will be immediately accretive. He still thinks it is going to $250.00 down the road. He also thinks a deal with Taiwan or Tokyo will add huge to it.

Cramer also said NYMEX (NMX) will open at a huge premium.

He also noted the world gold demand and said that global industrial demand was the only growth area. He also said that foreign emerging banks have been demanding gold. He still likes Yamana Gold (AUY) because "they have gold out the ying yang!"

Cramer said he would buy UAL (UAUA) for any airline deal as it is the cheapest stock in the airline group as a whole.

On Blockbuster (BBI), Cramer said he hasn't cared about BBI so much. But after the Weistein exclusive deal and after they have really tried to do more things he thinks BBI shares could hit $6.00.

Jon C. Ogg
November 15, 2006

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