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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cramer Says To Hell with Microsoft's Zune, BUY APPLE (AAPL)!!!!

Stock Ticker: AAPL

On tonight's MAD MONEY segment on CNBC, Cramer went over a stock where it was hit because of competition. He said Microsoft (MSFT) just took aim at Apple (AAPL) with Zune's launch against iPod.

Cramer said "the Microsoft launch is officially being pronounced a dud!"...... That is not "dude". He thinks AAPl is a fantastic must own stock and the Zune he even noted as the "Edsel," an old Ford failed car launch that was a dud. He thinks the Zune colors stink and the Zune music store is also a dud. He also said that the fact that it is made by Microsoft, and kids and many others hate them.

He said the Zune is not Vista compatible. It is a rejiggered Toshiba and if they want to take on AAPL they should do a better design. Zune's rankings are also lower than expected. At this was only #12 yesterday on electronics and #7 today. If it was great on launch it would be #1.

Cramer said that AAPl has been impervious to this launch. HE said they still have a tiny market share, but they have 50% of market share with upper-end college students. He thinks their retail initiative is great and they are even testing Mac sales at Best Buy.

After Cramer said this AAPL traded up after-hours an additional 0.8% to $84.75, although it closed down 1.1% at $84.05 today. Cramer said he thinks AAPL is a $100.00 stock "By the end of the year."

Jon C. Ogg
November 15, 2006

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