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Friday, November 17, 2006

NYMEX Debuts, Watch Other Exchanges Too

NYMEX (NMX) did price its long-awaited and well above average demand IPO. It priced 6.5 million shares at $59.00. The original terms were 6 million shares at $48.00 to $52.00, and then was bumped to 6.5 million shares with a higher $54.00 to $57.00 range. The deal was definitely set to price higher because of all the exchange hype, but it would seem that there is some money being left on the table here.

It is definitely discussed as having a premium to its above the already raised range, but the question remains as to how much higher. Some are thinking $5.00 higher, some $10.00 higher, and Jim Cramer even said he thinks it is a buy at $20.00 higher (from the $57 area anyway). The opening print will be one to watch regardless. The first indications were for $78 to $80, but who knows if that is right or real.

Sorry for the lack of a background on the NYMEX, but it has been covered so much that it would seem like it is from the Department of Redundancy Department.

InterContinental Exchange (ICE) is trading up 0.6% at $95.20 pre-market, and it is up from under $85.00 just last Friday. NYSE (NYX) is trading up 0.25% at $94.01 pre-market, although that is only about $1.00 than last Friday. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is up 0.55% at $543.00 pre-market, and that stock was actually under $500.00 last Friday. NASDAQ (NDAQ) stock is flat pre-market at $36.45 and is actually in-line to under where it was last Friday. Some of these other exchanges have enjoyed some serious runs in the last week, so it makes you wonder what will happen to them after the NYMEX IPO prices.

Other potentially related shares that could get secondary or tertiary actions if this just gets ridiculous are the following: Investment Technology Group (ITG), eSpeed (ESPD), and International Securities Exchange (ISE), OptionsXpress (OXPS), MarketAccess (MKTX) and others.

Get ready for a wild day in exchange stocks trading.

Jon C. Ogg
November 17, 2006

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