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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pre-Market Stock Notes (Nov. 6, 2006)

(ABBI) Abraxis Bioscience $0.21 EPS vs $0.20e.
(ADLR) Adolor and GlaxoSmithkline received an FDA Approvable letter for Entereg.
(AMAT) Applied Materials is paying $125 million for private Brooks Software.
(ARRS) Arris filed to sell $225 million in securities.
(ASVI) ASV, Inc. noted cautiously in Barron's.
(AWR) American States Water $0.32 EPS vs $0.56e, unsure if comparable.
(BMR) BioMed Realty $0.47 EPS vs $0.47e.
(BRK/A) Berkshire Hathaway reported $1,687 EPS.
(BSX) Boston Scientific gets stent approval in Japan.
(CCOI) Cogent -$0.24 EPS vs -$0.31e.
(CHTR) Charter Communications noted as expensive even w/ low stock price according to Cramer.
(CMCSA) Comcast opening its own web video storage initiative.
(CXW) Corrections Cotrp $0.42 EPS vs $0.40e.
(ELK) Elk Corp reviewing strategic alternatives.
(ELOS) Syneron Med $0.38 EPS vs $0.39e.
(ENMD) Entremed -$0.05 EPs vs -$0.08e.
(EPIX) Epix Pharma gets approval for Vasovist in Canada.
(FFBI) First Federal Bancsharesgets $23 merger.
(FS) Four Seasons gets $82 bid from prince led group.
(FRT) Fed Realty $0.85 EPS vs $0.85e.
(GOOG) Google plans to sell ads in 50 top newspapers in Tribune, NYTimes, Gannett, Washington Post in 3 month test period.
(GSL) Global Signal -$0.16 EPS vs -$0.17e.
(GTW) Gateway noted as expensive even w/ low stock price according to Cramer.
(HERO) Hercules Offshore $0.90 EPS vs $0.82e.
(IMCL) Imclone shows mixed results on Erbitux over expanded treatment.
(KOSP) Kos Pharma gets $78 buyout from Abbott Labs.
(MFLO) Moldflow $0.18 EPS vs $0.16e.
(MFLX) Multi-Fineline Electronix trading down 2% after missing estimates.
(MT) Mittal down 1% after earnings.
(MVL) Marvel Entertainment $0.16 EPS vs $0.12e.
(NOVN) Noven $0.24 EPS vs $0.20e.
(ORBK) Orbotek $0.49 EPS vs $0.44e.
(OSTK) trading down 16% on wider than expected losses.
(POT) Potash positive in barron's.
(PSTI) Per-Se Technologies gets $28 buyout from McKesson.
(REGN) Regeneron -$0.48 EPS vs -$0.56e.
(RYAAY) Ryanair 2-1 stock split; raised guidance.
(TRFC) is being acquired by NAVTEQ (NVT).
(V) Vivendi's talks with KKR did not yield a buyout.
(WOLF) Great Wolf Resorts $0.07 EPS vs $0.08e.
(XEC) Cimarex $1.11 EPS vs $0.92e.
(YBTVA) Young Broadcasting -$0.75 EPs vs -$0.75e.

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