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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weekend Edition: Cramer Slams Charter Communications (CHTR)

Cramer featured Charter Communications (CHTR) as an avoid. He thinks they are overvalued and he said the $1.1 Billion market cap is misleading because they have a $20 Billion enterprise value if you add in the debt.

Cramer said that he gave them a recap plan in the past and they have too much debt to survive. It was over $4.00 then. He said the scoffed at him, but now look how bad it got.

He said if they were smart they would even declare bankruptcy and start over. Cramer won't touch Charter with a 10 foot pole, and he even brought out a ten foot pole to show you. He says don't be lured by the cheap priced stock.

Cramer thinks you need to buy Comcast (CMCSA) instead of Charter Communications (CHTR).

CHTR closed up 0.8% at $2.58 today, but fell to $2.49 after his feature.

Jon C. Ogg

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