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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Xilinx, the Southeast Asian Venture Capitalist?

Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX) annnounced today at the Global Entrepolis Singapore event that it would launch a $75 million corporate venture capital fund focused on accelerating programmable systems innovation and development within the Asia Pacific technology market.

This is the company's first regionally-focused funding initiative for the Asia Pacific programmable logic device (PLD) market. The fund is designed to seek opportunities to invest in companies throughout the region including China, India, Taiwan and Korea.

Xilinx is looking to invest $500,000 to $5 million in emerging companies who are creating innovative applications based on programmable logic, targeted at key vertical markets such as wired/wireless communications, consumer, automotive, audio/video/broadcast, industrial/scientific/medical, and storage/servers or technology domains such as high-performance DSP and embedded processing. Xilinx is also interested to invest in companies developing technologies and solutions to increase the adoption of programmable logic throughout the company's continuously expanding ecosystem.

"Programmable logic is becoming more mainstream in electronics design as it provides all the key product requirements for success including high- performance features, design flexibility, faster time-to-market, lower development costs, and field upgradeability," said Hans Schwarz, vice president of Business and Strategy Development, Corporate Venture Capital at Xilinx. "The ability to make strategic investments in emerging programmable logic-based designs and technologies creates a winning formula for entrepreneurs, customers and Xilinx through market expansion and innovation leadership in the fast-growing Asia Pacific technology market."

"As more and more electronics design work is done locally in Asia Pacific, this is the right time to look for new investment opportunities to accelerate the adoption of system-level programmable technologies across the region," said Stacy Fender, managing director of Xilinx Asia Pacific. "By increasing our focus and investment in the Asia Pacific market, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to developing the region into a greater source of innovation for the global technology market and a strong driver for our growth on a global basis."

Jon C. Ogg
November 1, 2006

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