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Friday, July 14, 2006

Intel Turns the Tables on AMD, Most Active 48 Hour Clock

By William Trent, CFA of Stock Market Beat

We hinted Tuesday on rumors that Intel’s new Conroe desktop processor was blazing fast. Now the nondisclosure agreements have been lifted and those press entities with test copies are free to report. Tom’s Hardware Guide was the first to come out with their story, and they say that the Conroe is… er… blazing fast. Furthermore, this increase in power is able to run using less power than either AMD or its Intel predecessors.

Just about two weeks ahead of the official launch, Core 2 Duo’s true performance capability comes to light. In tests conducted by Tom’s Hardware Guide, Intel’s new processor delivered stunning results, outpacing its AMD rival in almost every discipline. For the first time in about two years, Intel is offering a superior desktop processor that may cause more than just a headache for AMD.

Core 2 Duo does not only bring a substantial jump in performance, it also manages to surpass its AMD rival: The Intel chip dominates most benchmark disciplines and came out on top in 35 out of 37 tests. AMD’s fastest processor still holds the crown in synthetic benchmarks.

Especially interesting is the way how Intel achieves this new level of processor performance. Tom’s Hardware found that its Conroe system consumed less power than a comparable AMD system and up to 30% less power than a Pentium EE 965-based computer. The 18% clockspeed increase of the overclocked version resulted in a relatively modest 7% increase in overall system power consumption.

AMD already announced that it will be reacting to Core 2 Duo - however there will not be a faster processor for now: AMD intends to drop the prices of its processors in order to maintain its price/performance leadership. And while the competition between AMD and Intel will be heating up over the next months and both firms will be busy making each other’s lifes miserable, consumers will be benefitting from a time of true innovation. We can’t wait for AMD to counter Intel’s Core 2 Duo.

What do you know… competing against a superior product by lowering price. Now where have we seen that done before?

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