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Friday, July 07, 2006

Large Cap Bargains: Safe Havens

Stocks: (CVX)(GS)(ALL)(NOC)(HES)(STX)(LTD)(X)

In a choppy market, investors often look to companies with large market caps and low P/Es to see if they can find safe havens. These stock are probably less likely to go down. Mix this with a screen with companies that have strong earnings expectations for the next year, and you may have a "safe" stock list. By the way, all of these stocks trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

Company/ Market Cap./ Projected Earn Growth/ P/E

Chevron/ $142 billion/ 22 percent/ 9.1

Goldman Sachs/ $65 billion/ 50 percent/ 9.2

Allstate/ $35 billion/ 173 percent/ 17.7

Northrup/ $22 billion/ 23 percent/ 17.2

Hess/ $15 billion/ 64 percent/ 10.1

Seagate/ $11 billion/ 45 percent/ 10.4

Limited Brand/ $10 billion/ 20 percent/ 14.0

US Steel/ $7.5 billion/ 29 percent/ 12.4

Sources: MSN Money, Comstock, Hemscott, Inc.

Douglas A. McIntyre

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