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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Media Digest 7/20/2006


Reuters reports that the head of Toyota Motors said that the company is not studying ways to be involved in the the Nissan/Renault partnership with GM.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Brocade employees altered hiring records to make more favorably priced stock grants.

Reuters writes that Apple's profits rose 48% on improved sales of iPods and Macs.

Reuters said that Yahoo! and Motorola has agreed to embed Yahoo! internet services in millions of Motorola phones.

The WSJ reports that Intel's profts fell 56% on increased competition with Advanced Micro Devices.

The Wall Street Journal writes that eBay's profits fell 14% but revenue rose 30%. However, revenue per listing on the auction site fell 10%. The company also raised its forecast for the full year.

WSJ also writes that Motorola's profits rose 48% one increased sales of its handsets, especially the Razr.

WSJ also reports that profits at Bank of America rose 18% and profits tripled at JP Morgan.

The WSJ also writes that profits at AMR, parent of American Air, rose from $58 million last year to $291 million. Southwest's net income was $333 million compared to $144 a year ago. However, fuel costs at American were 31% of total expenses versus 12% four years ago.

The New York Times reports that a federal judge struck down a Maryland law that would have forced Wal-Mart to pay 8% of employee salaries to health benefits.

NYT writes that Xstrata, based in Switzerland, will increase its bid for mining company Falconbridge, a second time.

The NYT reports that Qualcomm's profits rose 15% to $643 million.

The NYT also writes that Rambus will restate its earnings for the last three years to corrent stock option dating.

Douglas A. McIntrye

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