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Monday, August 28, 2006

Media Digest 8/28/2006: WSJ, NYT, Reuters


Reuters writes that Google will launch a bundled version of its free e-mail, scheduling, and messaging software to run basic business activities. The software pieces are already offered separately. To compete with some portions of Microsoft Windows, the new package is set up to run over the internet instead of being hosted on the PC. The product is aimed at small business and non-profits, but Google plans to announce a paid version for large enterprises.

Reuters writes that a report in the Detroit News says that Ford is considering selling a large part of Ford Motor Credit. The potential transaction is one reason Robert Rubin of Citigroup stepped off the automakers board.

The Wall Street Journal writes that EBay has signed a deal with Google to exclusively display its text ads on Ebay auction sites outside the US. The companies will also cooperate in ways for consumers to call merchants.

The Wall Street Journal writes that its parent plans to sell six of its Ottaway regions papers as its continues to push into electronic delivery of news.

The New York Times writes that the nation's largest cellular companies look to expand their sevice reach and keep competitors out of the business by buying large numbers of teh radio spectrum being auctioned by the FCC. About 60% of the total bids are from Verizon Wireless, Cingular, and T-Mobile. Only about 20% are from an alliance of Time Warner, Comcast and SprintNextel.

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