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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Media Digest 9/13/2006 Reuters, WSJ, NYT

Stocks: (F)(HPQ)(AAPL)(GS)(GE)(DELL)

According to Reuters, oil prices have dropped back to $64 a barrel.

Reuters writes that Ford will announce significant changes, cutting as many as 30,000 white collar jobs.

The Wall Street Journal writes that the attorney general in California has enough information to issue indictments in the Hewlett Packard board spying case.

The WSJ also reports that Apple has introduced a product that will allow downloaded movies to be watched on TV sets.

The WSJ reports that a Goldman Sachs hedge fund lost 10% of its value perhaps contributing to the investment bank's flat earnings.

The NYT reports that NBC and its stations will begin to enter agreements to license video content to outside websites.

The NYT writes that Michael Dell defended his companies CEO and said he shares the blame of the company's poor performance.

Douglas A. McIntyre

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