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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Media Digest 9/29/2006 Reuters, WSJ, NYT


According to Reuters, a federal judge has dismissed a large portion of AMD's antitrust claims against Intel.

The Wall Street Journal writes that GM will seek billion of dollars in investment capital if Renualt and Nissan was a three-way global automotive alliance.

Reuters reports that Honda will rollout a luxury brank in China.

Reuters writes that Vodaphone will sell its own branded 3G phones. Hauwei Technologies of China will supply the handsets.

The WSJ writes that a federal jury cleared Merck of reponsibility in another Vioxx liability trial. It was the 1oth case involving the drug to go to a jury vote.

Johnson & Johnson has sued Boston Scientific over its failed bid for Guidant, which Boston Scientific bought. J&J claims that a leak of confidential information ruined its bid, according to the WSJ.

Microsoft will begin to broadcast live music events online to bolster its MSN unit.

The New York Times writes that Qwest has built up enough cash so that it may be able to make a significant aquisition.

The NYT reports that a deal set up byTime Warner unit AOL to broadcast live concerts has dissolved after 14 months.

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