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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Symantec and Juniper Go Dating (SYMC)(JNPR)

Stocks: (SYMC)((JNPR)(CSCO)(ALA)(NT)

According to the Associated Press, Symantec and Juniper have agreed to an arrangement to provide business telecom customers with network security. For Symantec, which is primarily known for its consumer Norton ant-virus product, this may be an especially good deal. It takes them further afield in the enterprise space.

Microsoft's new anti-virus product will be marketed with Cisco products, which both companies announced last week. Cisco is one of Juniper's primary competitors in the network equipment industry.

While the deal looks attractive to Symantec, Juniper may need it more. The company's stock is below $15 which is down from the 52-week high of $24.68. Although the company has grown quickly, it has SEC problems on options dating. In its last reported quarter, revenue was somewhat disappointing at $566.7 million. Of course, if it cannot file its SEC reports in some reasonable period, it may run afoul of the Nasdaq delisting prodedures.

Aside from Cisco, Juniper competes with larger rivals Alcatel and Nortel. Any edge in selling its products helps.

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