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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Google And Fox Lead The Internet Audience Pack


According to figures released by ComScore audience growth at Google and Fox Interactive (which includes MySpace) was well ahead of other major web properties.

Overall internet unique visitors grew 2% in September 2006 compared to the same month a year earlier hitting 173.4 million in the US.

The Yahoo! sites were still the largest property, but that may not last much longer. Yahoo! sites grew 5% to 125.7 million unique users. Right behind was the Time Warner network of sites which includes AOL. TWX sites grew just 1% to 120.3 million. In third place was the Microsoft network, which includes MSN. They were up 4% over last September to 119.4 million.

Google has impressive growth of 23% year over year to 107.4 million. It will pick up over 20 million new unique visitors with YouTube. Ebay was next, but well behind Google, with 79 million unique visitors, up 13%.

Fox/MySpace grew by far the most of any of the other major network properties, rising 342%, with MySpace as the primary engine, to 70.9 million unique users.

If the current trend continues, Google may be in first place within a few months. Fox could quite easily top the 100 million unique visitor threshold. And, Microsoft and Time Warner will battle for third place.

It is a case where the race may go to the swiftest.

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