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Monday, October 23, 2006

Media Digest 10/23/2006 Reuters, WSJ, NYT


According to Reuters, DaimlerChrysler has narrowed partners to two for a joint venture to manufacture small cars. One of the companies in the talks is China car company Chery. Daimler may be reluctant to give a Chinese company a foothold in the US.

Reuters writes that Yahoo Japan's sales rose as its online stores brought in more revenue.

Reuters writes that earnings at Halliburton rose as large oil and gas companies turned to the company for its services.

The Wall Street Journal writes that private equity firms have expressed interest in assets of The Tribune Company. They may offer the best prices for pieces of the company as it tries to get it shareholders good prices for the company or its parts.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Cisco is entering the video conferencing business with a high end product that can cost several hundred thousand dollars.

The New York Times writes that as Google attracts more users on the web it has faced more and more lawsuits over issues like copyright, trademarks, and its methode for ranking websites.

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