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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Media Digest 10/31/2006 Reuters, Wall Street Journal, New York Times


According to Reuters, IBM will set up two new IT centers in China and India, highlighting the importance of the regions for future growth.

Reuters writes that Microsoft is filing 55 suits around the world to prevent software dealers from selling counterfeit products.

Reuters also reports that the US Justice Department is investigating Sony for possible antitrust violations in the SRAM markets.

Reuters also writes that Viacom has asked YouTube to take down certain material to which Viacom owns the rights.

The Wall Street Journal reports that BP's decision to defer upgrading its facility may have contributed to a deadly explosion at one of its Texas facilities in 2005.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Ford will cut it North American production by as much as 12% in the first half of 2007.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that Verizon's net rose 2.8% on strong wireless sales, but broadband subsription growth was week.

The New York Times writes that the US has dropped a bid to collect royalties from Chevron which could save oil companies hundreds of millions of dollars.

The New York Times also writes that the founder of Monster has resigned from the company's board as its investigates options back-dating.

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